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Elestrals - Kryoscorch Starter Deck with 3 Packs

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The Kryoscorch Starter Deck is a great foundation for Frost or Fire Casters with only 99 Kryoscorch Starter Decks containing a serialized Stellar Rare Kryoling!

Fire. Frost. Two of nature's most destructive elements collide in the Kryoscorch Starter Deck.

Harness winter's rage and overwhelming heat with Polarachne and Eruption. Cast frozen terror with an explosive strategy that sets the field ablaze. Melt your opponent's runes and consume their Spirit Deck when Kyroscorch takes command!

Each Starter Deck contains:

  • 3 Frostfall First Edition Booster Packs
  • 60 cards including 1 holographic Kryoscorch
  • 1 Frost D20 spindown die
  • 1 How-to-play guide
  • 1 Cheat sheet