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Origins (Kickstarter Edition) - Booster Box

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This is a Kickstarter edition booster box of ORIGINS, the latest expansion set for Genesis: Battle of Champions. Kickstarter edition boxes contain an exciting box topper pack inside each box, which may feature very rare versions of cards that will otherwise not be available in the normal retail edition booster boxes of ORIGINS.

Contains 24 booster packs. Each booster pack contains:

8 Commons
4 Uncommons*
2 Rares
1 Starter Card

*in 1 out of every 7 booster packs, one Uncommon will be replaced with an Epic Rare, featuring an extended art version of a regular Rare card.

The story in Origins:

As peace settles in the south of Jaelara, a civil war has begun in the north.

For centuries everyone knew their roles in Anahata. The elves determined the politics and laws. The fairies developed the education and technology sectors. While the humans ran the economy and agriculture. There was one other bloodline that was deemed unclean, and unfit to live among the others, banished to Adhara, the slums of Anahata. These were the vampires. Life was peaceful behind the walls of Anahata until Kala, a vampire, was murdered in the street. This ruthless action, and the senate's reluctance to act, have caused the city to become divided. The vampires and their advocates, led by Kasha, fight for their right to be treated as equals and for their past sins to be forgiven. The elves, led by Manot, and their disciples, fight to restore order in Anahata, and to maintain the integrity and values therein.